OTblue multisensor detector ES Detect

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OTblue multisensor detector ES Detect

Multisensor detector with integrated optical smoke and heat sensor. The optical measurement chamber is equipped with a novel sensor (contains a blue LED transmitter) which allows the detection of open fires, smoldering fires and fires with high heat. The classical ionization detector is replaced by these detection methods, especially in open fires. This detector is also capable of detecting test fires TF1 and TF6 described in the EN 54-9:1982. The OTblue multisensor is a fire detector with temporal signal analysis, weighted combination of sensor data, decentralized intelligence, automatic function self-test, automatic environmental adaptation, alarm and operating data storage and alarm display. A remote indicator can also be connected.

767800 Assembly bracket
805590 Standard IQ8Quad detector base
805591 Detector base with IQ8Quad relay contact


• Optimally matched to the ES Line system
• With multisensor detectors for the detection of all fires, even under the most difficult operating conditions
• Up to 30 detectors per detection group
• Uniform response sensitivity of the detector for all different types of fire for the multisensor detectors
• Large distance between signal and interference magnitudes due to special sensor and electronics design for suppressing electromagnetic influences
• Automatic adaptation to varying environmental influences
• Electronic compensation also called driftcompensation of long-term influences of contamination or aging
• High reliability against false alarms by temporal evaluation of different sensor criteria, with built-in insect screen and sealed against rear air flow entry
• Exclusion of signal forms not typical of fires through special filter algorithms
• Automatic self-monitoring of the detector electronics
• Automatic self-monitoring of sensors for function and condition
• Designation of the heat detector by a black ring on the light pipe
• Hours of operation, alarm and fault counter in each detector
• Operation data retrieval of all detectors of a group with standard service PC and field bus interface
• Detector LED for alarm display and as an identification display in the service (for maintenance with 8000 tools)
• Standard socket and relay base
• Socket adapter for ceiling installation
• Dust caps optional for fire detectors and detector base
• Kit for suspended mounting

Common technical data

Operating voltage
8 ... 42 V DC
Quiescent current @ 9 V DC
35 μA
Alarm current @ 9 V DC
9 mA
Area to be monitored
110 m²
Height to be monitored
12 m
Air velocity
0 m/s ... 25,4 m/s
Application temperature
-20 °C ... 50 °C
Storage temperature
-25 °C ... 75 °C
Air humidity
< 95 %
Type of protection
IP 40 with base, up to IP 43 with base and option
white, similar to RAL 9010
approx. 110 g
Detector specification
EN 54-7/-5 A2, CEA 4021
Ø: 117 mm H: 49 mm (62 mm incl. detector base)
Special colors on request! For the maintenance of the ES Detect detectors, the programming software tools 8000 from version V1.24 in combination with the red EOL-I (part number 808626) is required. In order to pass through existing wires, the WAGO grips (e.g., type 243-204 (Ø 0.5-1 mm) or 273/104 (0.75-2.5 mm²), can be integrated into the detector base
Without detector base

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